Roskilde vol 2

Everything’s been quite hectic. Yesterday/today at work we got kind of carried away with our laughter. It was weird, that’s why. And of course the guys came by, drunk as hell, and started to piss us off lightly. Nice. Not. But somehow it still reminded me of “the good old times”. Well. Somehow.

Today is the first day of the festival on which the sun doesn’t shine as hot as we’re in hell. Good-good, now we’re making some progress… But the anticipation wether it’s going to rain or not, is also a bit tiresome. There’s only so much time left until the end of the festival and Tormi doesn’t stop wrecking me with his accusations about his to-be-bad-trip whilst hitchhiking home. Nice. As I don’t feel guilty enough. Now the things are just a bit harder than they would be.

But at least in a few hours I’ll see Deerhoof LIVE (in your face, Lennart, I will laugh and enjoy that – muahhahhaahahhaahhhaaaa) and after that I’ll somehow manage to get into the frontpit for Coldplay. Well, that is if I won’t get killed by the peple in line for the Internet… I guess it’s time to call it quits for now.

I kind of miss you all, especially you, A.


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