No zombies for you!

A really shitty morning, I’d say. After a couple of hours pain in the stomach (and NOT on the side of the blind gut, although it sure felt like that) I was way too fed up with that and got myself a fix of 800 mg of Ibumetin. Yeah, a nice fizzy dose to make sure I’d actually get a chance to sleep. Which made it better in the end…

Well, anyways, one thing led to another and we never made the zombie-thing. Although I do have a bunch of soft-core weird pictures in Jazz… I guess the world will soon see a new version of America’s Next Top Model. Yeah, you can guess three times where the source of that is.

The break in the countryside was good. As it happens, we also have a national holiday in Estonia, so it wasn’t only us celebrating. Which basically meant a great deal of foggy memories from a local fire’s party nearby Lennart’s place. Um. Gonna have double-check the photos to get a clearer picture.

I only hope that my computer won’t die during that process of editing and writing. The fan below is doing the notorious sounds from the times it’s hard drive was replaced almost weekly. I don’t miss these times, I really don’t. Besides the photos I have music and videos from what I have no intentions of letting go.

The downpoint of all that is that I’m going to Roskilde in a couple of days and I’ve just found out I’m totally broke. Not good!


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