And you will know us by the trail of dead…


I have no idea, why, but this sentence has been haunting in my head for the past couple of days. Sounds good, so I guess no harm done. And after this night it will sound perfectly at place. We’ll be making a fresh zombie-movie and I reckon this one will be a hit. Of course much depends on the soundtrack, but I guess we’ll have no problem with that as today’s birthday-boy (yeah, Lennart, this one’s for you) is a born genius.

Had a look of the “Diamond Dust Rebellion” again. A bigger picture and not so gloomy as I remembered. Good-good, now we’re making some progress. The gramps is getting to irritate more by the minute. Like… Why the hell all those games? Or are you covering up your stupidity just by saying you knew it was coming and just wanted to get some solid proof for the Central 46 or whatever? GAAH!

Nevermind that. Tonight is the shortest night of the year, so we’d better make a use of it.


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