Good old times

Somehow I caught up in looking up my old favorites in the ‘Tube. From 911 and A1 I got to RW. I never got the reason behind the cooling of my relationship with Robbie’s music. Like… Why the hell? He’s so goddamn good and I love the songs. Why the gap then? Just so I would have the chance to renew my old love from time to time? Nah, that can’t be it. I must be just plain stupid (:

Yesterday got off the tracks. A soup at Lennart’s mom’s turned into a wine-thing at Ännely’s and then we moved to the riverbank for other bottles. 43 days of total soberness and then this. Kind of… Sobering would be such a wrong word to describe it, but it’ll do just fine. 5 bottles of red wine and all the old questions in the morning after. Hah, I just can’t deny the fact that I’m hopeless like this.

I’m contemplating thinking about thinking
It’s overrated – just get another drink and
Watch me come undone


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