Capital of what culture?


Yay. Vilnius is starting to piss me off. And that I mean literally. When I first got to the capital of culture in Europa 2009, I fell for it. The sky was blue with lovey-dovey thin clouds barely visible above. The sun was shining and I felt that I have finally reached summer. Again somewhere else.

But really. What’s wrong with the people here? I’ve only liked three people so far and one of them isn’t even Lithuanian. As for the other two, one was a guy at the Artist’s Pub and the other was the receptionist at our (new) hotel. The others have been… Never mind.

For two days it has actually been good. The parks and the museums and the old town itself – I’ve loved them. But there have been downpoints. Now I know to never ever book a hostel via Internet. The one in New York was a fail and so was the first one in Vilnius.

How come does „appartments in the old town” actually mean „an untidy room in a soviet-time building 40 minutes from the old town”? The logic of the locals is really limping both its feet. From now on I pick the places I have recommended or find a normal place on the spot. That way I could still have my 50 euros. Or actually we could have spent them somewhere shopping or whatever (I saw some good Hougyoku-like glassfigures).

At least the trainstation here is nothing like the ones in Warsaw. Apparently it’s not only the Centralna there that has no logic. But all. Krakow was okay though, but first of all, it’s a whole different city and second, that’s enough about Poland for the time being.

Vilnius. The capital of culture? Really? So how come they don’t have normal public bathrooms. I thought that the holes in the floor in the trainstation’s restroom were an anomaly. So I volunteered to pay one litas to the lady in the bus station’s. Great. Holes again. And both places are international. In what century does this place live in?

The fun part that still remains, is the feeling as if I’m in a Harry Potter movie. I went to the bus station to make sure I know where I have to be for the bus. The ticket says stop 19. What does the reality say? Stop 22, stop 21, stop 20, stop 18. Like the platform in King’s Cross station. Only I have no wall to run through to get to the Hogwarts Express…

Out of the blue. And I reckon there is nothing more to say…


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