The call


When she told me that, something I had already known and hoped for, becoming truth, I felt… Yes, it sounds a tiniest bit cheesy, but I felt good about it. Maybe all the emotions I was reading about this very instant came crushing over me like a tidal wave. Silly, I know, but it still does not change the fact I felt hope. Exactly as I was reading.

Maybe it would work out? Maybe it would actually be possible? Maybe… And then I stopped and thought about that. Us. Who I was and who he was. And how we had been. And as much as I missed our talks and him, as much as I hoped everything to be all right, I guess I knew. I guess I know. And that does not make me feel better. Should it?

I miss my red hair. I really do.

Sometimes it’s just easier to shut yourself out of all these emotions.


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