Not as hot as it’s cracked up to be, but still… Went sunbathing today, collected some seashells and turned heads. Lennart says it’s becoming a habit. The hostel is cold as hell. What’s up with the sheets, Americans, eh? Never heard about BLANKETS? Jesus Christ…

Got some presents for you all yesterday. Some got extra in addition to some things I bought from NY… And I also got some extra-weird stuff for me. Miami is actually a really cool place to be in. Loads and loads of kickass/cars. Yup. Mustangs. You just gotta love them. I do .)

NB! If anyone knows anyone from Puerto Rico or knows someone who might know someone who might know someone… Please contact me A.S.A.P. Only SMS, I’m not wealthy enough to let you call me .)


One thought on “Miaami

  1. That sounds really nice. Though bummer for the blanket. Though that reminds me of Imogen Heap’s “Blanket”:

    see the music I consume to escape the doom and gloom,
    all the beats and melodies keep realities at bay,
    but what happens when the record’s done and starts to fade away

    music is my sanctuary, music is my blanket

    I see only what i wanna see
    I’ll be only what i wanna be
    my blanket covers me, yes

    Take care!

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